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Today should be childish.
Many big friends and children
They are all vying to take a car to go out and have fun~
After all, who is not a 300-month-old baby!

However, whether it is for fun or daily travel,
Safety & happiness are as important as "children"!

Protect 'cub' with a set of Roadboss tires
Always pay attention to the happiness of older children & the safety of children,
The most overlooked
What are the iron laws for children's car safety?

It is strictly forbidden to ride the vehicle hold the child in your arms

Is it safest to hold your own baby in your arms? NO! This way of riding is very dangerous! Scientific experiments have shown that when a car collides at a speed of 30Km/h~50Km/h, if a child weighing 10kg will be thrown out, the force of the child flying out is 300~500kg. It is impossible to hold it safely, and children at this time are likely to become "human airbags" for their parents.

Roadboss reminds: Children under the age of 12 must sit in a safety seat when riding in a car, and parents must not hold their children in their arms. This is not only a safety notice, but also a legal requirement!

Do not let children sit in the co-pilot

Many parents put their children in the co-pilot's position for convenience, but doing so may increase the chance of children being injured in an emergency. Generally, the co-pilot is equipped with airbags. For children, the airbags that pop up instantly will cause fatal damage to the fragile head and cervical spine of the child.

Roadboss Tips: Children under the age of 12 should be equipped with child safety seats in the back row according to the actual situation; children over 12 years old should sit in the back row of the vehicle and fasten their seat belts.

Strictly use child safety locks

For car owners with children, child safety locks can prevent children from tampering with the door and accidentally touch the door, which is an important guarantee for children's lives. Adjust the child safety door lock to the locked position, the door will not be able to be opened from the inside but can only be pulled open from the outside, thus avoiding the danger caused by children accidentally opening the door while driving.

Roadboss's reminder: Parents should lock the child safety locks on the rear doors on both sides of the vehicle, so that the child can't open the door from the car no matter how much tossing in the back row, the safety of the child is guaranteed, and the parents can focus on driving with more peace of mind vehicle.
Prohibit children from sticking out of car windows

On the road, you can always see many vehicles with their sunroofs or windows open, children sticking their heads out of the windows, and some children even stick out most of their bodies out of the car. Some parents think that the speed is not a big problem, in fact, this kind of behavior is very dangerous.

Roadboss's tip: At any time, as a parent, you should remind your child not to stick any part of your body out of the car.

Do not leave children alone in the car

Many parents lock their children in the car alone for convenience when they take their children out, but they do not know that this is extremely dangerous. In summer, the weather is hot and the temperature inside the car is higher. In a closed car space, it may cause heat stroke or even suffocation in children.

Roadboss Tips: As parents and guardians, try not to let your child stay in the car alone after parking. If it is necessary to park for a short time, you can keep a mobile phone call with the child in the car, so as to check the child's situation at any time and return quickly in time.

These most overlooked child car safety details
Did you remember it all?
childhood may be short
But innocence can be forever~
the best time,
It is worth having the stable protection and long-term companionship of Roadboss tires~